Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Working on Show

I'm currently working on images for an upcoming show at Pleiades Gallery in Durham, NC. This will be a two or three person show and will run through August.

Some things that will most likely be in the show.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Ideal Job

I've been thinking a lot lately about what my ideal job would be and thought this morning, what better way to put it out there to the world that I am looking for the ideal job than by writing a blog post about what that might look like. Aside from painting all day and earning a living at it, below, is as close as I can come to describing what I would like to do with my time and how I would like to contribute to making the "world a better place".

I have the skills needed to do this job, which I think is important for anyone seeking a perfect job, know that you are capable of doing it should it present itself to you.

Image Creation
I would like to be spending part of my day creating images and designs. I have spent over twenty years doing this and have more than a little skill at both creating images and graphics that communicate on intellectual and emotional levels. I work hard to match graphic solutions to content and begin with a thorough understanding of the content that I am working with.

I would prefer content that is related to subjects I care about and that would educate and enrich the lives of the people. I like to tell stories. I would like to be involved in something that educates people about environmental issues or human issues such as poverty or the need for medical care and education for children. I'd like there to be less pollution, more trees, more equality for all people, and more safety for kids.

I have spent many hours working with both adults and children helping them to create images, express themselves through pictures, and stretch themselves. the ideal position would involve working with people and teaching them things about seeing and expressing what they see and how they feel about it through pictures and other art objects. I spent several years volunteering at the Pediatric Playroom at UCSF when I was a freelance illustrator and found fewer things as rewarding as playing with small children and seeing them smile and forget that they were in a hospital.

I'd like to work with a small group of people who are positive and interested in learning, helping others, and doing good things with their time.

OK Universe. That's my ideal. Bring it on!