Thursday, February 14, 2008

Governing Magazine Illustrations

Jandos Rothstein, Art Director at Governing Magazine called last week with a job for the magazine's Observer section. Three pieces, and after sketches were approved, and with other commitments, about a day to do them all.

They are not my best pieces, but I thought I'd share them as an example of some work done under a very short deadline. Jandos is great to work for and has allowed me to explore a lot of different types of solutions over the years. Some of my favorite work was done for him when he was at Washington City Paper.

Baton Rouge Boomtown: About the city's ability to attract and keep residents after the influx of people after hurricane Katrina.

A piece about border fences in Texas that are being put up through people's property, dividing communities.

All Nighter: About inefficiencies in the Michigan state legislative system. Legislators pulling all nighters after waiting till the eleventh hour to pass bills.


Demian Johnston said...

good illos man. I hav eto send you photos of my framed koeb art. I have at least four framed...

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill.
Love these 2 last ones. Very clear statement and well composed. You rock!!! :)