Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Lately, I have been looking at the sections of my paintings between the objects, usually figures, and have been wanting to explore these areas as objects in and of themselves. Often when painting, I find that the pallet has more to it than the painting. My response when this occurs is to either attach or press the pallet to the canvas, making it part of the whole. Abstract painting as an endeavor has always eluded me. It is easier to have a picture be about something when the language is familiar. But when the meaning and imagery or surface is tied to a language only known by references to it by other artists, then the task of painting becomes more difficult. Every abstract painting is compared in mind to every other abstract painting. This is not the case when viewing and evaluating paintings with external subject matter.

Below, is a study for a new painting. it is small, only about 4 by 6 inches, painted in gouache on vellum. The influences for this line of thinking are Antonio Tåpies and memories of my grandfather.

Any comments are welcome and appreciated.




chrismarriesdemian said...

i agree with you on abstract paintings. i like them a lot but they elude me. I like how it seems almost like it is in between the subject (if that makes sense)... Kinda like painting someone lying on a bed and you only paint the folds of the sheet from a couple inches away... I gotta start painting...

keep going man. oh hey. check your email.

Bill Koeb said...

Thanks Demian

Anonymous said...

I think it came out very beautiful.
I could never paint an abstract, but I really want to learn how.
How did you know when to stop?

Bill Koeb said...

Thank you, Olga, I don't know. I just stopped when it seemed like it was done. Sorry, no help, I know, but the truth.