Friday, November 6, 2009

Visual Journalism

I am scheduled to teach a class in Visual Journalism/Visual Essay at RICA (Raleigh Institute of Contemporary Art) beginning in January, 2010. RICA is a new school started by a group of Raleigh artists committed to offering classes that will inform, challenge, and inspire creativity.

The course will involve exploring how the visual information around us can inform our work, how stories and narrative can be found in the most unlikely places, and look at how both the content and form of a work communicate. You can tell a really interesting story about what you ate for breakfast, or about people living with jobs lost, or about a major event. What you choose to draw, what you choose to see, and how you share this, all have an impact on the viewer.

In addition to learning to see better, we will explore media and technical approaches to help us get where we want to go and study how artists of the past and contemporary use journals as a way to report and comment on their surroundings and society.

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Kelly Kilmer said...

Wish I was closer!!! It sounds like an amazing class.