Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Variations and Revisions

About ten years ago I was working on a series of illustrations for a Fireman's Fund ad campaign. The theme of the campaign was freedom to risk. There were full page ads and a series of smaller, spot ads that ran in magazines around the country. Some ads ran in trade journals, while others ran in national publications like Newsweek or the NY Times Sunday magazine.

The images below are from the second set of full page ads. They are, top to bottom, my original piece and the subsequent revisions requested by the client. It is always challenging to have to revise something once you have done it. Luckily, the real changes were limited to the main figure, and not the overall composition. If I remembered all of the comments, I would list them with the images.

version 1

version 2

version 3

version 4

version 5

1 comment:

Jed Alexander said...

This is a great sequence! Nice mark making, as usual, effective use of collage combined with more rendery and expressive painting. Somehow you manage to pull it all together in a way that I'm just brave enough to do.