Tuesday, June 29, 2010


2. Vivienne Flesher

The most difficult part of writing about Vivienne Flesher was choosing the images to post. There are so many incredibly beautiful and strong pieces to choose from, that I had to mull over them for a few days before I was able to narrow them down to the four shown here. Vivienne Flesher is an artist who works in a wide range of media, and with an equally diverse range of approaches. Though I think that most know her pastel work, she is also an accomplished photographer and painter.

What strikes me most about Flesher's work other than its emotional power is the solidity and fluidity of the work. That she is able to make a figure both solid and appear to float as if gravity weren't an issue is a testament to her skill and her intuition. If she only drew figures, that would be enough. That she goes beyond this with taking on controversial subject matter, with gutsy color choices, and an understanding that each assignment needs to be taken on its own, and deserves its own approach, makes her brilliant.

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Jed Alexander said...

Ok, more great stuff. At this point just assume that every one of these is an amazing and inspiring choice.