Monday, August 16, 2010

Twenty over 40

6. Greg Spalenka

Greg Spalenka is driven I think by a desire to be aware. His work as bot an artist and teacher are a reflection of his continuing path toward light and awareness. Almost everything he touches contains some element of this path toward light. Whether it be in magazine illustrations about social issues or production designs for an animated film, one can see the thread of Greg's spirit and warmth in the work he does. As a teacher, Greg has touched to lives of countless students and continues to do so through his 'Artist as Brand' series of workshops where he seeks to empower artists as not only creators of content but also as authors of their careers.

I had the good fortune to meet Greg several years ago at the Comic Con in San Diego. He was warm, welcoming, supportive, and without a shred of arrogance, I liked him immediately.


Greg Spalenka said...

Wow, I just came across this Bill. I am touched. Thank you for the kind words. Big hug!


Jed Alexander said...

Haven't looked at Spalenka's work in a while. Nice to reacquaint myself with his work!