Monday, May 26, 2014

Too Easy To Get

It is too easy to get guns in this country, too easy, without background checks or any kind of regulation at all. I speak of guns because they seem to be the weapon most often used in mass killings in the United States. 

I just watched a report about a young man in California who shot and killed six people and then killed himself. He made a video before he did, saying that it was retribution day and (paraphrasing) he wanted to kill every woman in the world. Apparently he was angry about multiple rejections? 

I can't even speak to his level of insanity of this kid. He was clearly insane. He was clearly full of rage and had a skewed view of the world. Anger over rejection? Hatred of women? Undiagnosed psychosis? Being rejected in part of life. In the animal world, in human relationships. It is part of nature and I think, part of a self preservation mechanism. Maybe it is even part of natural selection. I don't really know. I've been rejected at least as many times as not and I'm sure this is no different for any other person or animal on the planet. 

I can talk about the ease at which this man obtained a weapon that allowed him to effortlessly end the lives of six young people. Every time there has been a mass killing in the US, a gun or multiple guns have been the weapon used, have been the tool of destruction. Isn't it time that we start regulating these things the way that we regulate who gets to drive a car? Or use some other method to try to at least stem this insanity we have to live with? What else is it going to take to overcome the powerful gun lobby's hold on law makers?

Of course, the gun people say that arming teachers or more people is the solution. One of the kids killed was at a convenience store. Does anyone really believe that had he been armed that he won't have been shot by some psychotic asshole?

It's too easy to get a gun, and the cost we all pay for this was is too high. Isn't it time we change this.

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