Friday, August 14, 2015


I love to teach. I love everything about it almost as much as I love to paint. Maybe more in some ways.

Working with people and passing along information and learning from them and seeing them stretch themselves to find answers and surpass challenges are only s few of the rewards in teaching. Building a rapport with a person and seeing how their life is impacted by their interaction with you and their fellow students is probably my favorite part. Whether it be an 80 year old learning to use a computer, an undergrad learning how to see better and find their voice with drawing or painting, or a 10 year old learning the basics of game design, it is the same, a rewarding experience. 

I never finished school and was a poor student at times. I learned a lot but was so anxious at times the to couldn't turn in an assignment. I was too worried about what others might think. I ran out of money and financial aid and left school early. Luckily I found work at an art supply store and later as a teacher in a college summer program and as a freelancer. Most of what I've learned about being a good teacher has come from my mistakes and there have been many mistakes.

I hope to continue to teach in the future, whether it be online or in a classroom. There is nothing I've found that is as good as connecting with interested people and helping them grow. 

To all the people I've taught and those I've yet to, thank you. You have given me far more than I could hope to give you. 

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