Friday, August 31, 2012

20 Over 40 Tim Bower

I've known Tim for over 25 years. We met in art school and he was by far one of the most talented and driven people at the school. I learned a lot from Tim, from how to put together a portfolio to how to scrape paint off a painting and create great textures. That doesn't even scratch the surface of what it meant to be in school with him. When I was living with my mom and needing a place to work, he offered his apartment in San Francisco for a couple weeks while he was gone. I was blown away.

It was there that I made the first piece I was proud of, a portrait of Laurie Anderson. Hell, I wouldn't know who she was or half the music I've grown to love over the years without him in my life sending tapes my way. Who else was going to send me a mix tape of Klaus Nomi, Meredith Monk, and too many others to name?

I have always been drawn to Tim's work. I find a humor and intelligence in it that plays thoughtful observation against witty comparisons. His work has a sense of space and of multiple realities overlapping and intersecting each other.

Over the years, Tim has moved through many approaches. From darker, moody editorial and romantic works to whimsical and biting political commentary, to surrealistic landscapes. His work is often whimsical, insightful, moving, and always thought provoking. He is a thinking artist, and one who takes his work but not himself too seriously.