Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pieces of an illustration

I recently did an illustration for the cover of an anthology called "No Borders" I tried to suss out what this meant to me and came up with the idea that the border between us and other animals is thin at best and self created.

Anyway, I thought I would post the pieces that went into the cover, along with the finished piece.

A menu cover I found years ago and loved

A piece from the "Hair of the Snake That Bit Me" piece I did for the Alan Moore songbook

Some of the pieces I made as part of an illustration on dreams for YM magazine

A photo of a tape that got destroyed. "Life's Rich Pageant" by REM. I love that album, the destruction was purely an accident.

The finished cover


gary amaro said...

Nice. I have one of those menus too, probably from the same lunch. I think a some other artist also made off with some of those menus that year in San Diego. The waitress said they were about to retire them anyway.

David Glassey said...

Nicely done.

Bill Koeb said...

thanks much