Friday, August 8, 2008

Kim Frohsin

I recently purchased a copy of Kim Frohsin's new book, "Figures with Edges 2007-2008". It is a soft cover catalog of 50 of one of Kim's beautiful figurative series of works. Kim Frohsin has been a longtime friend since art school days and is one of the most talented and hard working artists I know. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to name a few. Below, is a link to her site, where you can see her work and also buy original art, prints, and books.

Kim Frohsin


Unknown said...

Kim Frohsin's work is gorgeous. Reminds me of a friend from art college whose paintings werer reminiscent of these in execution. Took her days/weeks to mix the right colours. It drove me
Your work on this blog is at least amazing and quite often breath-taking.
A friend of mine who has a kid was looking at the word/picture paintings and demands he can gain access to them in book form now.
People out here care but don't comment often - keep it up. Please.

Eduardo Alvarado said...

Kim´s work is wonderful and she, Kim herself is absolutely lovely!

Bill Koeb said...

Hi John, Eduardo,
Thank you for the kind comments. Kim's work, like Kim is really amazing and I am happy to share it with others.

I appreciate the kind words on the sight words. I wish I could make a book of them. For now, those decisions are in the hands of the powers that be at GCF. The GCF site is:, and I know they are open to comments and suggestions.