Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This is a monotype of my cat, Oliver. A monotype is a single print made by painting on a flat plate, usually with oil based paint or ink and then laying an absorbent piece of paper on top and printing the image using an etching press or hand burnishing the image onto the paper. Another way of making a monotype is to lay a thin piece of paper over a plate that is covered in ink or paint and then draw with a pencil or some other type of stylus on the back of the paper, causing parts of it to come into contact with the plate and thus printing the image. This piece was made using the latter method. If I am industrious, I can pull, or print about 40 to 60 prints in a day with this method.


alberto said...

That's great, I really like it! I've done a number of monotypes in the past but they were done with a press. Never tried that second method that you described, I might just try it. I've been itching to back into monotypes. Great work!

Demian Johnston said...

always loved your monotypes. hope all is well!