Monday, August 4, 2008

Lost Angels In Mississippi

Many, many years ago I began writing and illustrating a graphic novel titled, "Lost Angels in Mississippi." I have recently pulled out the pages I was working on and began writing on it again. It exists inside of a worn out, cracked paged sketchbook that seemed like the perfect vehicle. I will post more pages as I scan them in. Please send me feedback, I will try to post a synopsis and some script pages soon. Thanks, Bill


bhanu pratap said...

WOw this page just looks so beautiful...its dark...not visually ,...just the spirit...And reminds of of some of the slavery in America photos/artwork I have seen in some places...dunno whys that....but still would love to see some words and some more art too...nk

Bill Koeb said...

Thank you, I will post more soon. I really appreciate you looking and taking the time to comment.